ISSB Word Association Test

Some Sample Sentences


  1. Snake creates fear
  2. Fear is Force.
  3. Create Fear in the enemy.
  4. Fear only Allah.
  5. lack of information create fear.
  6. Fears must overcome.
  7. Fear makes us brave.
  8. Feeling Fear! Just smile.
  9. Courage dispels fear.


  1. Efforts never fail.
  2. Hard work never fail.
  3. You never fail if you put in your best.
  4. I always pass in A Grade.
  5. Failure is a step to success.
  6. Failing means trying
  7. Well planned projects never fail.
  8. Hard worker will not fail
  9. Failure is falling short of goals
  10. Each failure take us closer to success


  1. Snake is a thriller.
  2. Snake is poisonous
  3. Commandoes eat snakes.
  4. Snake is a long reptile.
  5. Snake has no limbs.
  6. Snakes are found throughout the world.
  7. Snake charmers play with snakes.
  8. The snake was coiled around the branch.
  9. Snake venom is used in medicine.
  10. The boy carried a giant snake.


  1. Don�t lie.
  2. Be truthful always.
  3. Truth is power.
  4. He never lie.
  5. One lie has to be covered by many lies.
  6. Lies are finally exposed.
  7. A lie can't be covered by another lie.
  8. A lie is responded by goodbye.
  9. Truth is better than best dressed lie.
  10. A Lie can cost us every thing.
  11. Don't talk when you have to lie.
  12. Words may lie but actions.


  1. He chaired the meeting.
  2. He is chairman.
  3. Chair is a piece of furniture.
  4. Chairs are around a dining table.
  5. We sat on chair lift.
  6. I enjoyed the rocking chair.


  1. Muslims had only few swords.
  2. Sword of Allah, Hazrat Khalid.
  3. Sword is the weapon of brave.
  4. Sword cuts.
  5. Hazrat Ali had a double-edged sword.
  6. Sword fighting is a game.
  7. Sharpen the sword, always.
  8. He got sword of honour.


  1. Pakistan won the world cup.
  2. I picked the crystal cup.
  3. He offered a cup of tea.
  4. A cup of coffee refreshes us.
  5. Disposable cups threaten environment.
  6. He played school cup football.


Find 10 sentences for each of Following 200 words in E Book

Humble, Wait, Excuse, Able, Short, Terror, Cannot, Cut, Target, Failure, Tension, Garden, Idea, Rumour, Lain, Machine, Nature, Brave, Accident, Race, Spend, Success, Sympathy, Task, Religion, Young, Accept, Misery, Sink, Car, Love, Enjoy, Ditch, Gay, Home, Impossible, Shy, Last, Make, Beautiful, Matching, Beer, Rule, Study, Tried, Offer, Care, Sick, Death, Pressure, Trouble, Protect, Police, Quick, Help, Regarded, Faith, Reaction, Cool, Science , Girl,Talk, Flower, Team, Pinch, Week, Sharp, Story, Insist, Project, Kill, Wife, Knife, Action, Lazy, Pretty, Lead, Meet, Unfair, Relax, Coward, Affection, Interest, Advice, Now, Blood, Begin, Oppose, Mistake, Opposite, Character, Responsibility, Bow, Delay, Tire, Stop, Cinema, Duty, Withdraw, Loose, Ugly, Child, Regarded, Hobby, Journey, Reaction, Slip, Girl, Lonely, Fault, Weapon, Soldier, Hot, Fly, Work, Pity, Revenge, Love, Service, Plan, Fellow, Brother, Happy, Cold, Risk,

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